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Christmas Dresses for the Holiday Season

Christmas is a magical time of year, and you will surely want to look magical in it. Finding a great Christmas dress can be quite tricky, and making it suit you perfectly can also be a challenge.

Christmas party dresses are something that should be relatively easy to find at your local high street or on the internet. But here are some handy tips on what sort of dress you should choose, and how:

- Gold, red and dark green are the colors of Christmas, so picking one of these colors is definitely a good idea. Other great colors are dark navy, black and silver. You could try any other colors that are a dark shade, but steer clear of any pale, pastel colors as they will clash with the gorgeous wintry feeling.

Christmas Candy Party Dress
- Pick something classic that will look great five years down the line in photos. There is nothing more amusing than a funny outfit that someone once wore at Christmas, but to avoid being the turkey go with a classic look with only a hint of up-to-date glamour. So for example, take one key trend (eg. waist belt or metallics) and mix this with some classic cut dresses/outfits.

Christmas Dresses

- Choose some really classy fabrics to wear if you can afford them, like cashmere, leather or suede. These will make you look and feel more expensive.

- Pick something that will be easy to wash or clean if something gets spilt, especially if you have a large family. This is more than inevitable, and having something easy to wash will make your day run much smoother, also it is important to keep a second choice of clothes for this reason.

- You will certainly want to have a look that can be easily layered, especially if you go to a different house for Christmas as these can be significantly colder, and you do not want to be caught out. So take a really gorgeous black or brown cardigan with you that will go with everything.

If you are headed to a themed fancy dress party, then check out our fancy dress ideas list for help with choosing a beautiful and fashionable outfit.