2010 Prom Dresses

At prom this year you'll definitely want to be looking gorgeous, as well as being on trend! Here are some tips to help you
decide on what to wear at this special occasion, and how to find a dress that will suit your body shape and flatter your own
personal style.
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2010 Prom Dresses - Fashion and Style
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Here are some style and fashion ideas to help you on your way to finding the perfect 2010 prom dress:

This year it's all about making a statement; and the best way to show the world who you are is to choose a color that really
compliments your personality. The bigger the color the bolder the statement, and the more confident you will appear!

Don't forget to choose a color that really flatters your skin tone - warm skin tones should choose colors with an orange
undertone, cool skin tones should opt for colors with a blue undertone. If you're still not sure whether a color suits you,
hold it up close to your face - if it washes you out, then it's not right, if it makes you look like you've been on holiday, then
it's perfect. Do this test on different colors and fabrics to see which one is right for you.

So many more dress designers are coming up with gorgeous prints for prom dresses. Subtle pastel floral prints are
gorgeous for prom and would suit a very pretty, shy personality, whereas bold, obvious prints would suit girls with a rock
style or courageous personality. Chiffon prints tend to be more subtle and feminine, whereas those on satin are more of a
statement. Have a good look at online prom dress stores so you know what sort of dresses are on sale at the moment;
this will help give you a clearer idea of what sort of dress you would like.

This is not a new prom dress trend, but it is having a comeback on the catwalks and the high street. 'Underwear as
outerwear' is huge, and you can incorporate this fashion fad with a little bit of lace on your dress. See through lace around
the neckline is sophisticated and sexy, as is a layered lace effect. Don't take it too far though; subtlety it important if you
want to look back on your prom photos and smile!

This may be a little risqué for some, but a split leg dress can be quite flattering and make your dress look unique. Keep
the dress fitted and body tight, whilst flaring out in the skirt. Be as adventurous with the height of the split as you dare, and
make sure that there's lots of reinforcement at the top of the split so that it won't venture up any further! The split really only
amazing on knee length pencil skirts or floor length a-line skirts, anything too complicated will ruin the simple and
stylish effect.
Turquoise and Teal Prom Dresses
Gold Sparkly Prom Dress
A great way to reinvent a classic dress, save a little money and look truly unique at
your prom. Head to your local vintage store to pick up a gem, but don't expect to find
the perfect dress there immediately, and be prepared to go to a seamstress to have it
properly fitted.

Pretty knee length 50s style, cute and quirky 60s dresses, printed 70s maxi gowns
and retro lace 80s numbers, all should have a place in our wardrobes, and a chance
to be worn again to prom.

The most perfect fabric for wearing to prom is chiffon. It's dreamy and romantic, and
looks gorgeous whilst dancing. It floats over curves and makes your figure look even
more perfect.

It doesn't matter what color your dress, it will always look better in something as soft
and buttery as chiffon. So if you are having your dress specially made, give this simple
fabric a chance to work it's magic.