2009 Prom Dresses

2009 is a year for really confident fashion styles, and your prom dress this year should ooze charm and sophistication.
Don't forget to be experimental when deciding on your gown, choose something a bit different. Or go for a classic dress,
then make it you own by customizing it.
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black prom dresses
2009 Prom Dresses - Fashion and Style
Styles for this season's prom dresses are leaning more towards individual style. The SS09 runway collections saw many
different styles, cuts and colors, from every designer; but some designers stood out for their collection of special occasion
evening wear.

- Mostly dresses were seen on this runway, with a gorgeous play with volume and texture. The dresses were so striking
that each model had
simple black court heels, and a slicked back updo to really give credit to the clothes. Some outfits
had huge statement earrrings or necklaces; this is a fantastic way to look up-to-date, modern and oh-so-chic.

Calvin Klein
- This catwalk was packed full of structured white dresses, slim belts and relaxed updos. The favorite dress from this
show was the metallic strapless number, with a great
structured layering effect. So simple, so perfect, worn with very litte
jewellery, this dress certainly ticks all the right boxes. Every girl should look to Calvin to remind themselves that simple is
always better.

- Anyone who wants to be inspired by color and pattern should look to the London shows, which was jam packed with
colorful combinations. No more so than Luella, where every piece was
playful and bright. Quirky as always, this designer
knows how to be individual and creative; every outfit had a story to tell.

- Chic and fun is the tone of this Spring Summer collection. Bold patterns and clean cuts combined for some of the most
inspirational fashion. Look to this design house for amazing ideas on how to look current. Copy the
sexy hairstyles: create
a far side parting, then sweep the hair round into a side bun, secure with pins and hairspray, and don't forget to add some
shine serum.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the color really suits both your skin tone and figure, and make sure to choose the
right accessories to compliment. Don't forget your favorite clutch bag, whether its ruffled leather or studded diamante, this
will be the best addition to your ensemble.
Happy girls posing in multicoloured dresses for a picture before prom night
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Prom is such an important occasion...its important to look your best. So, make sure to plan a lot of time into finding the
perfect dress, and so starting at the turn of the new year is a good idea.

But don't worry, if you have left it too late as there are plenty of online boutiques who can deliver quickly, plus they carry lots
different colors and shapes.

If you have found the perfect dress, but can't seem to find it in your size, there are several things you can do: ask a
member of staff to check availability in other stores, check online or buy the bigger size and have a
seamstress take it in.
Its important not to settle for anything less than perfect when picking out your dress.