2006 Prom Dresses

The 2006 prom dresses collections had loads of different styles and ideas, so before you buy your prom dress for 2006,
have a look at some of the following ideas and tips on how to wear them.
1. Halterneck
This style is one that transcends time, it has been seen all over the new 2006 prom dresses collections and the
necklines are increasingly deep. Great for flattering slim frames, but also for showing off a great bust. If you have small
breasts try a gown with a flimsier fabric, so that it does not cling so tightly to very little, as this will not enhance. By having
ruffles of fabric this will give the illusion of a greater chest.

2. Budding + Beading
A great timeless piece that is seen on all different kinds of 2006 prom dresses is budding and beading. This means the
small detail that is embroidered on the fabric, be it round the hem at the bottom of next to the bust. The catwalks were
lined with detailing, so try to pick a gown with some interesting sparkled or colored detail. My favourite ones are those
with a detailed bustier and then a simple skirt.

3. Waist-line
All the collections were toying with the idea of the waist. The lines were all over the place, from just under the bust to the
hips. And certainly the favourite idea was having the waist accentuated with gathering of fabric and adding of extra fabric in
bright colors. Try loads of different styles when you shop for your 2006 prom dresses, and don't be put of by something  
that is unusual because these are sometimes the better gowns.

4. Lace
Lace is a very sexy fabric, and worn in any form is likely to make your look very romantic and gorgeous. Try a dress which
has a hidden fabric over the top of the colored one. These gowns tend to make your skin look softer and your look very
red-carpet. Try lace over the whole gown, on the bust and on the sleeves.

5. Two-tone
A great idea that is inspired by the recent designs is that of a two-tone dress. This means that either the dress fades from
the darkest to the lightest shade possible (similar to the one on the right) or the gown is split into two shades, usually the
bust one shade and the skirt the other. These are flattering on all shapes and sizes.

6. Gathering
This year the gathering takes place mainly below the bust, which is great because this is the most flattering silhouette for
all sizes. Look for gathering in different places than you would expect and try on gowns which have gathers or ruffles in
the skirt in all different positions, including horizontal and circular.

7. Retro
Some of the  ballgowns seen in the latest designs show off the glories of past years. Taking inspiration right from the
times of Jane Austen up to the 1980's, gowns look better and more vintage than ever. Try to mix eras to create an up to
date fashion concept. For example, try a gown cut under the bust with short sleeves with an A-line skirt.
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